So I finally got my gear page started!

This is a preliminary look at what I use in terms of guitars, effects, amps etc. both live and in the studio. It'll be pretty brief at this point, but I'm going to try to augment it and add detail as I go.

As most of you know, I endorse and play Sadowsky Electric guitars - so in the pix here that is what you see: my green and honey colored strat-style solid bodies, the semi-hollow with the Bigsby Trem and the solid body electric nylon string (with that beautiful light sunburst finish).

I also have a full hollow body Sadowsky which I will add a pic of soon.

For acoustic steel strings I use Taylor mostly - but not as an endorser. I also use Martins, and my daughter Lizzy's Larabee as well as an old Yamaha Compass Series model.

My acoustic nylons are two beautiful Spanish guitars: a Contreras Flamenco and Ramirez Classical with a pickup.

I also have a Coral electric sitar that I love.

For EFX I am one of those "whatever works" guys. I have a garage full of pedals and multi-effects units that I have collected over my 40 plus years in the biz and I'll grab anything that I think will work for whatever project I am working on in the studio at any particular time.

That includes computer effects - for example, I've been using line 6 amp farm and pod farm for a long time as well as Eleven from ProTools, the Logic pedal boards and amp modeling gear, the stuff that comes with Logic Audio and Main Stage.

All of that is in the mix, as well as anything I need the terms of other computer plug-ins and effects: many, many different delays and reverbs chorus, harmonizers and other cool sounds that are inside the computer programs that I use: both Pro Tools and Logic and even Garage Band.

Live is another story...

I am on the road almost hundred and fifty days out of the year - sometimes more, sometimes less, playing in many, different places: countries, venues, clubs, large stages, small stages, etc. - and ease of operation is an incredibly important aspect of live playing - therefore I have opted for several different multi-effects units over the years so that travel, set-up, breakdown and carriage is as easy as possible.

Of course there's always a trade-off between convenience and quality so I try to look for the best possible sound integrity I can find with the most ease of operation.

The units I have used most are the boss GT series most recently the GT-10, which I used for many years.

Lately however I have been using the line 6 M13 stomp box modeler. This, I feel, is a very good solution for using reverb, delay, chorus, tremelo, distortion, harmonizer, overdrive, Wah and all the other common effects that I feel the need for in my live performances. I use an Ernie Ball Volume pedal and a Boss Expression pedal. This setup is what is mostly pictured below.

I also occasionally use Main Stage with the Apogee Gio (also pictured here).

I play in stereo & I use rental amps and I have chosen Fender Twin Reverbs as the most consistent available option world-wide.

I also use and endorse J-phonics in ear monitors.

This page will be a work in progress... and I will update it as often as I can. All the best,